Astonishing Sunset at Rawal Lake


On the way toward Kashmir from Islamabad, situated a vast park known as Rawal Park (Lake View Park). Along with lush green park, a huge amusement park and biggest bird ivory of Pakistan, there is also a huge lake known as Rawal Lake. The lake covers an area of 106.25 square miles (275 km²) and is filled with water from Rawal Dam and other nearby streams from Margalla Hills.

This lake is an excellent place for bird watchers and is considered an important reservoir for wintering waterfowl, especially Anas platyrhynchos and other mammals like Fox, Pangolin, Porcupine, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wild boar and yellow-throated marten. Also found in this lake are nearly 15 species of fishes and many people come to this lake for fishing during fishing season. The setting sun creates an astonishing environment at the lake.

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